3 Foods You Should Never Eat for Breakfast

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healthy-breakfastAhhhh breakfast! Traditional foods such as eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, cereal are enjoyed not only in the morning but also for lunch and dinner. Eating a healthy breakfast every day can reduce your risk for diseases like diabetes and cancer. So, what foods should you never eat for breakfast? Unfortunately, some of the same foods listed and enjoyed above.

1. Processed meats: Processed meat like ham, bacon, and sausage has nitrates that are linked with colorectal cancer.

2. Sugary anything: Cereals, doughnuts, toaster pastries, are full of carbohydrates and sugar. When you eat them, your blood sugar will spike and then bottom out.

Option: choose cereals with higher protein and fibre. Add walnuts or ground flaxseed for more fibre and protein to your cereal.

3. Unhealthy coffee: non-dairy creamer with flavor. Many people think that non-dairy creamers are a healthy option. In truth, they only replace the saturated fat with trans fat. Also watch out for artificial sweeteners and sugar.

How you begin your day will set the whole day’s foundation? Be smart in choosing what to eat for breakfast.

If you’d like to change your diet or get some advice on improving your morning breakfast, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Sahoury and his staff at Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness at 201-265-0555. Our approach is holistic and we offer a wide variety of treatment options for you.

To your health and wellness,
Dr. Roger Sahoury

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